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Function Generator

Sale Price: $290.00

Function Generator

Sale Price: $328.00

Main Features:

-Sine, square, triangle waves and pulse.
-Internal linear and logarithm sweeping, FM, AM, FSK modulations; External FM, AM.
-Digital frequency display and frequency counter

Frequency range: 0.2Hz~20Mhz
Waveforms: sine,square,triangle, pulsewaves
Output impedance: 50 Ωhms
Output voltage: 1mVp-p~10Vp-p at 50 Ω, 1mVp-p~20Vp-p at 1M Ω, 20Vp-p

Output modes: single frequency, sweeping
Symmetric: 20%~80%
DC offset: -5V~+5V
TTL output: "1" >+3V, "0" <0.8V
TTL output impedance: 600 Ω
TTL waveform: pulse
Frequency counter: 0.2Hz~20Mhz
Power: 110V, 60Hz, 30W
Size: 265x215x90(mm)
Working temperature: 0~40C
Average stability: 0.5%, max fluctuation may reach 1.5% at some frequencies
Function output levels: 0dB, 1Vp-p~10Vp-p, 10% accuracy, 20dB, 0.1Vp-p~1Vp-p, 10% accuracy, 40dB, 10mVp-p~100mVp-p, 10% accuracy, 60dB, 1mVp-p~10mVp-p, 10%
Waveform distortions: sine: <1%, triangle linearity: >90%, Square: <5% at 10kHz, 5Vp-p, rising time<17nS

Front Panel Controls:
GATE: Every flash indicates the completion of a measurement
SYM: output signal symmetry adjustment
FREQUENCY: frequency range
SWEEP/COUNTER: selection of function output, sweeping or counter mode
FUNCTION SIGNAL OUTPUT: output level selection
WIDTH: sweeping range adjustment
RATE: sweeping time adjustment
WAVE: selection of output waveforms
AMPL: output amplitude adjustment
OFFSET: output signal offset adjustment
FILTER: input low pass filter, used in frequency counter mode
20dB: input attenuation, used in frequency mode


User's Manual