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July, 22 2019 SMTmax News Release

Chino, California, July. 22, 2019

SMTmax Corp. located in Chino, California, is happy to introduce our new QM1100-B Pick & Place Machine ready into the market. The QM1100-B Pick & Place Machine has been equipped with new gantry system, smart motion control system and high grade image capture and processing technology. The new machine has been tested in house and on customer's sites with high appreciation. In addition, the new mode is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit operating system. Starting from June 2019 SMTmax's original QM1100-A will be replaced by this new model.

"We are trying to keep the same affordable prices of the QM1100-B as that of QM1100-A even with increased cost of the materials and labors", said Joseph, the CEO of SMTmax. Please contact SMTmax for details at: (909)393-9700 or email to [email protected].