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SZM7045 Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope with ST1 Stand
Fluorescent Ring Light

Sale Price: $325.00


High quality stereo trinocular microscope with Boom Stand. Great for working on PCB boards with fine pitch IC's and other applications.

●Crystal sharp pictures. A necessary tool for SMT/SMD circuit boards inspection and other applications.
●Continuous zoom from 7X to 45X. Optional object lenses of 0.5X and 2X available.
●Adjustable rubber eye guards.
●Video/camera trinocular port. Video and photo adapters optional. Matching high resolution color CCD video camera available.
●Boom stand included for maximum versatility and extended working area. Great for working with large circuit boards.
●Fluorescent ring light is included. Even and bright illumination onto the working area.
●Heavy-duty quality metal construction with both of the microscope body and boom stand.
●Easy focusing and zooming control knobs on both sides of the microscope.
●One-year warranty.


Eyepiece Working Distance
Auxiliary Objective
0.5X/165mm 1.5X/45mm 2X/30mm
Total times View field Total times View field Total times View field Total times View field
10X/20mm 7X 28.6 3.5X 57.1 10.5X 19 14X 14.3
45X 4.4 22.5X 8.9 67.5X 3 90X 2.2
15X/15mm 10.5X 21.4 5.25X 42.8 15.75X 14.3 21X 10.7
67.5X 3.3 33.75X 6.7 101.25X 2.2 135X 1.7
20X/10mm 14X 14.3 7X 28.6 21X 9.5 28X 7.1
90X 2.2 45X 4.4 135X 1.5 180X  1.1

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