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QK-IR2005, 2015 and QK-PL2005 Combo BGA Repair System

QK-IR2005 and QK-PL2005
Combo BGA Repair System

M.F.S.R $32,950.00

Sale Price: $14,950.00 

This combo BGA rework system contains two items: QK-IR2005 IR hot air rework station and QK-PL2005 vision assisted precision placing table. SMT rework becomes a safe and accurate process with this system.

● Non-contact infrared monitoring of the rework process for optimum results
● Closed loop control for accurate heating profiles and even heat distribution
● No nozzles needed. Adjustable aperture controls heating area and suits large as well as small parts
● The special reflow process camera(optional) gathers critical in-process information for real time profile adjustment
● Combo system for easy handling ad set up
● Works with either lead or lead free solder pasts
● Suitable for a wide variety of SMD components
● Low cost and high quality


QK-IR Rework Station Specifications
Model QK-IR2005 QK-IR2005L
Power consumption 1535W(max) 2400W(max)
Max. PCB 250 x 300 mm (9 7/8"x11 7/8") 300 x 400 mm(11 7/8"x15 3/4")
Top heating 4x180W, infrared heating tubes, wavelength: 2~8m μm, size: 60x60mm
Top heating time about 10S from room temperature to 230°C
Bottom heating 2x400W, size: 135x250mm 4x400W, size: 267x280mm
infrared ceramic heating plates
Control and video power 15W
LCD display 65.7x23.5mm, 16x2 characters
Bottom IR preheating time 90S
Heat aperture adjustment 20~60mm, adjustable, no nozzles needed
Infrared sensor range 0~300°C
External K type sensor optional
Reflow process camera, RPC2005 optional, 22x10 magnification, 12V/300mA, 480 TV lines
Computer interface RS232 standard
Dimension 330x380x440mm 350x510x440mm
Weight 13Kg 15Kg
QK-PL2005 and QK-PL2005L Placing Station Specifications
Power consumption 15W
Video camera 22x10 magnificaiton, 12V/300mA, horizontal resolution 480 TV lines
Placing precision ±0.025mm
LED lighting White LED botttom and red LED top, brightness adjustable
Vacuum pump 12V/600mA, 0.05Mpa (max.)
Weight 22Kg



User's Manual

User's Manual




Combo BGA Repair System


Sale Price: $18,950.00

Component Features:

1. IR2015 Infrared Reflow Soldering Section:
Infrared temperature sensor monitors BGA surface temperature to ensure precise
temperature technical window. Even heat distribution, real closed-loop control.

2. PL2015 Precise Aligning and Placing System:
Visible double-color optical alignment. Accurate alignment and overlap between solder
ball and soldering pad; Easy to control and place components.

3. RPC2015 Reflow Camera:
The melting course of BGA solder ball can be observed from different angles which
provides critical information to get accurate and reliable process curve.

4. IRsoft Software:
By means of PC, the whole process can be recorded, controlled and analyzed and then
g enerate the curve diagram to meet the demands of modern electronic industry.





User's Manual