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Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V

 Manual Pick and Place Machine

Sale Price: $2,350.00 


with Precision X-Y-A stage SMD-TP-V-XYA

 Sale Price: $2,650.00

Helps you accurately place your surface components on PCB boards.

Suitable for prototype and small quantity production.

Can be used for QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMT resistors, capacitors, etc.

Can be used to work on pitches as fine as 0.5mm.

Max. Working area 370mmx300m.

Max. X direction movement 500mm.

Max. Y direction movement 300mm.

Max. Z direction movement 10m, 360 degree rotation.

Electrical vacuum pick tool for easy and accurate operation.

Foot vacuum switch.

With vision vertical view system.

Easy hand resting holder.

No computer or software programming needed.

Optional additional reel frames. It comes with one reel frame. The platform has room for six frames. Each frame can mount five reel feeders.

Color microscope CCD video camera.

Shipping weight: 100 lb.

One-year manufacture's warranty.

Note: the manual pick and place machine is an entry level SMT device. Its ability is limited.

Video monitor or TV not included.