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High Precision Manual Stencil Printer STP-350

High Precision Manual Stencil Printer


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STP-350 Working area: 18"x13", frame thickness should be less than 1.5".

Max. X direction adjustment: 5/8".

Max. Y direction adjustment: 5/8".

Max. Z direction adjustment: 5/8".

θ adjustment 10°.

Open end, fit any framed stencils as long as the paste area is smaller than the base.

Circuit board mount kit included, capable of two side boards.

Use framed stencils. Stencil and frame not included. They are customer items.

Weight: STP350, 60 lb

*Squeegee not included, sold seperately.

Assembling of the Stencil Printer

1. Assembling: Unscrew one nut from each of the two long metal bars.

2. Align the two black metal bars with the two holes on the back of the
screen printer base. Let them go through the holes. Put the nuts back
onto the two metal bars beneath the base.

3. Adjust the position of the stencil  clapping fixture by moving the nuts
on the two vertical bars up or down. It is best to check the position with a stencil

1. Mount the stencil by tightening the clamps on the back of the stencil

2. Align the PCB with the stencil by using the four L shaped blocks supplied.

3. Fine adjustment is achieved by turning the knobs around the base. Z direction adjustment knob is at the back.
4. Apply a thin layer of solder paste. Too much paste will cause short circuits.