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Manual Stencil Printer YSJ-250




Manual Stencil Printer

Price: $357.50


Economical solution to your PCB solder paste application problem at the cost of a fraction of other stencil printers.

Working area: 430mmx350mm.

Max. X direction adjustment: 20mm.

Max. Y direction adjustment: 80mm.

Adjustment of distance between the screen frame and the platform: 0-10mm.

Open end, fit any framed stencils as long as the paste area is smaller than the base.

Circuit boards can be aligned with slices of unused PCB boards taped on the base, or magnetic tapes(available at Office Depot).

Use framed stencils. Stencil and frame not included. They are customer items.

Weight: 35 lb

*Squeegee not included.

User's Manual