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EcoPowerVac Dental Suction System

EcoPowerVac Dental Suction System (Sale)




 M.F.S.R $6975.00
Sale Price: $3250.00


The SMTmax EcoPower Vac is designed for the next generation of Dry vacuum system from Omxie Corpration. The system utilizes a dry vacuum 3 phase regenerative blower that produces high air flow when connected to dental operation lines. It has the smart control system to deliver adequate suction power while the customers use it. The EcoPowerVac is a dry dental suction unit with oil free performance. A vacuum electrical sensor and variable frequency loader are also included to maximize the system's efficiency.


1, A 24V DC safe power supply installed, you just connect your office main switch to control On/OFF;
2, Energy efficiency built in every aspect;
3, Foot print is small to fit in your installation room;
4, Reduce the noisy due to use regenerative blower and adaptive control system;

Dental Site Requirements                   ECO-1500                                 ECO-2200

Wire gauge (AWG)                                      #10                                         #10
Minimum circuit breaker current rating         20 A                                         30 A


Exhaust vent pipe to outside                       1.5 inch NPT (must be metal)
Line from operatory                                    See applicable plumbing diagram
Inlet hose barb on vacuum separator tank    1.5 inches                                1.5 inches
Separator tank drain hose                           1.5 inches                                1.5 inches

Note: if alternate site pipe sizes are to be used, consult an authorized distributor

Specifications                                        ECO-1500                                ECO-2200


Voltage                                                  208 to 240                                208 to 240
Frequency (Hz)                                       50/60                                       50/60
Phase                                                     Single                                      Single
Operating current (amps)                        6.3 A                                        12.5 A
Starting current (amps)                           50 A                                         70 A
Horsepower                                             2                                             3
Insulation class                                        F                                             F

Max. vacuum (in Hg)                               7 to 10                                     7 to 10
Vacuum limiter preset (in Hg)                   7.25                                        7.25
Open vacuum air flow (CFM)                     60                                           80
Separation tank capacity (working fluid)     8 gallons                                 8 gallons
Tank material                                          stainless steel                           stainless steel

Ambient Specifications
Operating temperature                             4.5 °C to 40 °C [40 °F to 104 °F]
Relative humidity (non-condensing)           0 to 90 %                                 0 to 90 %
Environment                                           clean and dust free                      clean and dust free

Height (in)                                               64                                            64
Diameter (in)                                           26                                            26
Weight (lb)                                              190                                          225

User's Manual