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AE-3088D Semi-auto Stencil Printer


Semi-auto Stencil Printer




Price: $7,144.50


The SMTmax AE-3088D semi-automatic stencil printer was designed to work with different solder paste, PCB sizes, and production volumes. Built out of a cast-iron chassis with high precision linear guide-ways, stop/start squeegee sensors and double start buttons for operator safety, It also has an emergency button for additional safety. It has four roll away wheels with adjustable feet that allow a perfect floor level stable balance.

The AE-3088D has the advantage of easy setup and open area for easy cleanup, the entire squeegee head can swing and locked in place for cleanup. Customers can input their printing parameters through the user-friendly interface with an option to run non-stop automatic mode or semi-automatic mode. Its programmable settings include printing speed, single or double printing pass, and squeegee drop-down start distance, in case stencil is larger than the printing area. The stainless steel squeegee has a 45-degree angle for uniform solder paste application.

The stencil frame vertical movement is controlled by a pneumatic servo system, as well as the horizontal squeegee movement. The squeegee printing pressure is pneumatic with adjustable vertical stoppers, that increase consistent and repeatable solder paste volume. The PCB fixture will allow for a consistent home location without vision requirements. The gold pins allow for double-sided PCB support and aluminum bars for single side PCB support. The PCB fixture has a high precision bottom adjustable X, Y, and A rotation knobs to align PCB and stencil, once aligned the bottom platform has a double lock system to hold PCB in place.

This printer is a step-up system to upgrade your hand squeegee application method, in case you are looking for more consistency in solder application volumes. This printer will help you avoid tomb-stoning and solder bridging issues you may currently be having with a more economical hand printer.


Precision rail construction for accurate and steady printing

One or two squeegees can be mounted

squeegees can be rotated 45° upward for convenient cleaning

squeegee speed adjustable

Fixtures for PCB mounting, and double side PCB printing

Both the stencil and squeegee can be adjusted for precise printing

PLY control and LCD display

Single or double printing pass

Built in production counter

squeegee angle can be adjusted

Metal or rubber squeegees can be used

Heavy duty for high quantity production

Manual PCB loading and unloading 

Optional added on vacuum table and vacuum pump (price $500 additional)

The "suction plateā€ option is available upon request


User's Manual