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XM-1000 Sequencer

XM-1000 Sequencer






The XM-1000 is a sequencer for the XM-2000 with optional modules.  It can be configurated for top rolex replica up to 100 stations.  The XM-1000 can sequence different types of 52mm axial tape into 42mm axial tape before the 42mm tape is fed to the XM-2000.  The XM-1000 can provide insertion fake watches uk at up to 26,000pcs/h.  The stable sequencing performance of the XM-1000 is guaranteed.


XM-1000 Features


26000 CPH

<100 PPM

Move Direction Straight
Feeder Capacity 60 (maximum 100)

Feeder driven


Air consuming

0.3 CFM
Components Capacitor, LED, Resistor and more


220V AC (single phase) 50/60 HZ
Noise Level

40 dB


300 KG
Feeder Dimension 550x600x900 mm
 Air Pressure  0.6 Mpa
 Driven  AC Servo, AC Motor
 Data Input  USB connection
 Machine Dimensions  3900x1000x1400 mm
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