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Omxie Fine Art Scanner

Omxie Fine Art Table Scanner

(Model SC3000)





Omxie SC3000 Table Scanner Specification

1) System Physics:                                      300 DPI (Pixel size 10µm x10µm)

2) Optical Resolution:                                  350 DPI

3) Color intensity:                                         24 bits (32x47)

4) Single scan bed size:                              33"x47"

5) Light source:                                            White LED Compensation system

6) Scan Method:                                          CCD moving untouch

7) Scan Speed:                                            7000 lines/second

8) Save Format:                                           BMP,TIFF, TIF, JPEG, JPG

9) Output:                                                     24 bits color

10) Lens:                                                      PENTAX

11) Overall size:                                           80"(L)x44"(W)x64"(H)


System requirement 

RAM 2G, Hard disk 80G Window XP Operating system


The Omxie SC3000 can

captures color, depth and texture of original works of art by combining high-end photography and high-tech, large scale, inkjet printers with archival inks and the highest quality artist paper or canvas.

generate fine art reproductions.

produce amazing digital copies from paintings, old photos, books, artifacts, quilts, clothing, circuit board, and more.

It's high resolution, color matching, corner to corner sharpness, and texture capabilities rival the original.