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Autoclave Sterilizer SBSC-18L

Autoclave Sterilizer SBSC-18L



 Sale Price: $1945.00


The SBSC-18L autoclave sterilizer has 3 programs of sterilization that include solid,packs, and textile. Each program provides a range of sterilization temperature between121°C and 134°C. A special program is provided  to eliminate disinfection of plastics at the temperatur of 105°C.

Clear window at the front allows to view the autoclave status during the sterilization cycle, this include pressure, temperature and stage.



Power Supply: 220V/50 or 110V/60

Power 1750W(W)

Lumen size 200*360 / 238*360mm

Dimensions 445×590×410mm

Net Weight 38kg/39kg