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AE-250DS Wave Soldering Machine

AE-250DS Wave Soldering Machine







Preheating system Pulled module design of preheating zone and filter system, easy to maintain.Far infrared preheating ensure a smooth curve, no deformation of PCB. Adopting AE unique design,Nickel chromium outer line heating uniformity with a long life.

*Spray system Intelligent and automatic tracking spray system, spray area with the PCB uniform heating and no-deformation.Adopting speed automatic tracking program in control system, spray time changed as the transportation of PCB. Flux nozzle automatic cleaning device designed and spray with fine-tuning function, more convenient to use. It set with exhaust filter plate to reduce pollution.

*Transportation system solder and transmission completely. Transportation system adopts stepless electronic speed adjust system.Precision titanium elastic titanium claws and transport PCB, stable and reliable, never stick tin.Adopting stepless variable frequency technology, control the wave height accurately. It is set with Synchronous input board structure, ensure the conveyor of PCB reliable.

* Control system It is set with Super-temperature, sound and light alarm and emergency braking functions. Adopting Sanling FX series PLC control, stable and reliable, easy to operate.Optimum temperature control program and advanced temperature monitoring and control model, ensure the temperature control accuracy and reliability.


AE-250DS Features

PCB width

Max. 250 mm
PCB Conveyor height 

750 ±20mm

PCB Conveyor speed  0~1.8m/min 
Preheating length  800 mm 
Preheating temperature  Max. 250°C

Suitable solder type  

Lead solder  (Lead free solder option) 
Solder capacity 200kg 

Temperature control  

PLC&Temperature control meter 
Flux storage tank 


Power requirements  

 3 phase 380V 220V (option)
 Power for heating up  13KW
 Power for operation  Max.5KW
 Air supply  4-7kg/CM2 12.5L/min
 Weight  Max.800kg
 Temperature  ±2°C

Shelves Dimensions  

 Equipment Dimensions L2800*W1250*H1550 


User's Manual