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Dental Wireless Microscope Pen MP102

Dental Wireless Microscope Pen



M.F.S.R $278.00
Sales Price:$139



It is an innovated products for ultra-clear and high magnification pictures. It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an optical lens, an image sensor, a safe LED mechanism for illumination and high speed control circuit connected to a computer. You can use it to observe things like using a mirror to observe any part of a thing, in particular the parts that you could not see before.  You can display the images captured by the Pen Camera on the computer screen, store them on the computer and print them.







  • Working platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Magnification: 1/10x to 200x
  • Photograph: Taken by the software and touch button
  • Videogaphy: High compression
  • Light source: LED illumiantion 
  • Video with wxtra-long time-11hours long & 4GB of memory video
  • Focusing: Manual-focus
  • Max Size: 11mm*126mm
  • Pixels : 1.3-5m
  • Display speed:  15-30fps
  • Interface:  2.4G wireless
  • Various Probes available, which can be more convenience and clear to inspect different part of body, such as (air,Throat, Ears etc). It is realy good gadget for body beauty, home health care.