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2-Stage Air Compressor Dryer


 2-Stage Air Compressor Dryer



M.F.S.R $358.00

Sale Price: $280.00



Two stage inline dryers are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and when service is needed you can replace the cartridge in a few minutes. (Cartridges sold separately) The mounting bracket will come included and can be installed to any SMTmax air compressor.

The dryer intended to remove as much water/moister as possible and deliver dry air to your tools. This pair comes with an internal filter to clean the air, trapping any micro organisms present so they aren't transferred into the patient's mouth or tools.

Hose Connection

Inlet size hose: 3/8"
Quick connector 1/4"

Special Instruction

On the bottom of the dryer there is a release valve per dryer; you must release the collected water at the end of the day, if using in high humidity climate, if dry climate you can release once every 3 days or once a week.

You will need to change the cartridge every 4-6 months, depending on your climate. (High humidity climate may need to replace sooner)

Replacement filter models:

Filter: 200A

Sale Price: $35.00

Filter: 200B

Sale Price: $35.00