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SL-210A Dental Air Compressor


Dental Air Compressor All-In-One






 M.F.S.R $4550.00
Sale Price: $1950.00


Introducing the SMTmax SL-210A, a 3-horsepower, 18-gallon air compressor for dental practices that require a reliable, efficient, and quiet source of compressed air.

The SL-210A dental air compressor is oil-free, ensuring a clean and dry air supply that is essential for the longevity of dental equipment. With a low noise level of only 60 dB, this air compressor operates at a very low sound level, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your staff and patients.

The built-in dryers remove moisture from the compressed air line, preventing corrosion and contamination of dental instruments. This ensures a high level of hygiene and reduces the risk of infection. The compressor and dryers are integrated into a single unit


Horespower(HP):3.00 HP
Voltage/Hz: 110V/60Hz
Power 3*850 (W)
Maximum working pressure (Bar): 8 (about 120 psi)
Starting pressure (Bar): 6
Noise(dB): <60 dB
Capacity(L/min): 450 L/min
Tank(G): 18 Gal

Size (LxWxH inches): 42" x 15" x 34"

User's Manual

Trouble Shooting Manual