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BGA-100 BGA handheld scope

BGA handheld scope

The BGA-100 BGA Inspection Tool allows high magnification viewing underneath BGA and other SMT packages.

The BGA-100 handheld system is easy to carry through the factory or to different facilities. The 2 mm prism allows inspection even on very densely populated boards.

Specification and Kit List:
•130X Magnification
•115VAC Power supply (transformer inlcuded -12V)
•2mm Prism
•BNC/RCA Monitor Cable
•Carrying Case
•Instruction Manual
•Monitor Not Included
•1 year limited warranty

Optional Equipment:
•PC or Laptop Video Capture Card
•Measurement Software
•Backlight Adapter

The BGA-100 BGA Inspection scope is ideally suited to detect BGA Cracks, Insufficient Heating, Shorts/Opens, Dimpling, Contamination, and for the general inspection of solder joints

User's Manual